Welcome to the “Best Telescopes for Kids” website! Here you will find everything from “How to Choose the Best Kids Telescope” to “Product Recommendations” to Star Charts and activities to do while exploring the night’s sky.

With cell phones, computers, and video games becoming more and more involved of every moment of a child’s life, it is great to step back and “detach” for a moment and give them a real hobby that they will enjoy. Hobbies are great for kids of all ages and with Astronomy, they will keep getting challenged as they grow older. Better telescopes, a better understanding of the stars and planets, and even gaining in interest in science are just some ways that this hobby can evolve as the child grows.

But where to start? Even if you don’t know anything about telescopes and can not even name the planets in order, I will walk you through the steps and let you know the basics in finding a telescope and activity for kids of any age. Remember, it’s never too early to get a child
interested in telescopes. In fact introducing them at a young age will get them excited and keep them looking forward to learning more and more!

One more thing to think about is what to do with your new telescope is what you will DO when you get it set up. A telescope for a kid does nothing by itself, so you will want to find books, games and other activities to keep them interested. When they are young and just starting, this is something that you can do together, and you can watch as their interest grows and they aspire to reach for the stars!

Feel free to explore the site with your kids and don’t forget to check out the fun activities and resources as well. I also appreciate your feedback regarding anything you would like added to the site or any changes you believe will make this website even better!